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Your Guide to Nurturing Parent-Child Relationships: Positive Parenting Activities for Home Visitors


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Looking for an engaging way to nurture parent and child relationships? This highly practical, activity-based guide shows home visitors what to do and how to do it—and is virtually a training program in itself! Developed out of three different training curricula that have been extensively field-tested and used in workshops across the United States and Canada, this guide gives home visitors creative and proven tools to help parents strengthen their relationships with their children.

Because every child and family is different, the approaches outlined are flexible, adaptable, culturally sensitive, and appropriate for all families. Home visitors will find step-by-step guidance on

  • establishing a framework for successful relationships with families, from initial contact with new families to maintaining positive bonds.
  • engaging parents with interactive parent–child focused, parent focused, or child focused exercises in social competence, empathy and caring, problem solving, and coping and resilience. There are approximately 45 activities and corresponding photcopiable handouts for both parents and children, with notes on common challenges and issues, and suggestions for linguistic or literacy adaptations
  • ensuring a positive parenting approach through “Comfort, Play, and Teach™” activities. These fun, parent–child activities, divided into 10 age ranges for children from 1 month to five years, focus on emotional, social, intellectual, and gross motor and fine motor development.
  • evaluating their relationships with families through reflective self-assessment

Parents can be overwhelmed by personal challenges and stressors that compromise their capacity to do the best for their children. Let this be the home visitor’s guide to harnessing parents’ inherent strengths, building their parenting competencies, and empowering them with useful strategies.


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