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Your Easy French Phrase Book 700 Realistic French Phrases for Travel Study and Kids: Your Complete and Practical French Phrasebook for Traveling to France Learn French Words for Everyday Use


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Bonjour! From enjoying ce la vie to making new friends in France, this phrasebook will help you to learn French fast and to speak French with confidence. This French phrasebook offers realistic phrases and key words to cover basically every situation a traveler is likely to encounter. This book also includes many terms and expressions suitable for kids and students, and it shows the correct pronunciation and phonetic spelling of hundreds of phrases. Table of Contents: Guide to French Pronunciation 700 Phrases: Phrases for Formal & Informal Introductions Greetings and How to Address People Phrases for Friends & Family Personal Interactions & Everyday Phrases Flight & Hotel Phrases Restaurants & Eating Out Phrases Shopping and Renting Asking Directions Transportation Phrases Medical Issues & Emergencies Banking Terms & Phrases Housekeeping! Christmas! Guests, Parties and Invitations Insurance – Phrases & Terms Real Estate You Health Sports and Wellness Study and Education Computer and Social Media Small Talk! Work and Business Travel Phrases Driving and Renting a Car Cooking, Food and Diet Business Terms Arts and Hobbies Going Out and Entertainment Crime and Help Phrases Taxis and Hiring a Car General Repairs Culture and Religion Seasons and Public Holidays Vacation and Breaking the Ice with Strangers Legal Terms and Words What are you waiting for? Learn French phrases in no time, this phrasebook will be helpful in many ways! Get this book now!


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