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Valandra: The Dragon Blade Cycle (Book 2)


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An epic fantasy novel by multi-genre author Tristan Vick. If you enjoy the Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks, then you’ll love Valandra!

Arianna De Amato gathers together an army to defend the twelve realms of Valandra from the deluge of evil which washes across them.

Racing to the Holy city of Sabolin, Arianna and her friends engage the black knight Ashram and the army of the dead. But during her battle, the traitorous mage, Zarine Xakandi, teleports Arianna to Mount Valoron where she is informed of a more urgent task. One which requires Arianna to enter the Nether realm, where she must seek the aid of the one they call the Outlier.

But the Outlier isn’t what he seems, and an ancient evil wasn’t the only thing that reawakened with his coming. The Dragons are beginning to awaken too.

Valandra is Tristan Vick’s first foray into the realm of monsters and magic in the vein of Terry Brooks, Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson!

Contains use of magic, a lesbian protagonist, mixed human and elf relations, and magitek Juggernaut automatons made of living armor which run on dragon’s eye crystals.


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