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The Bible: THE KEY BIBLE CHAPTERS Volume 12 – Every Christian Needs to Know: Discover the Amazing Life Lessons Within… (How to Memorize the Bible, Memorize … Holy Bible, Prayer, Christian Books)


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The Easiest Way to Fully Understand the Bible… Exactly as God Intended…

You’re about to discover today, with the help of this book, Bible commentary, Bible study for men or Bible study for women, Bible verses, Bible study guide, and Bible study books, together with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, how to fellowship with God, how the New Heaven looks like and how to prepare for it and how to live in Christ’s strength.

The Chapters We’ll Explore Are:

  • 1 John 1 – Fellowship or partnership with Jesus
  • Revelations 21 & 22 – Heaven – the believers’ new home after the second coming of Jesus
  • Philippians 4 – Living in Christ’s Strength even in the midst of tribulation and challenging.

God desires that you know these truths found in the Holy Bible, as they are the only ones who could set a person free (John 8:32). Today, as you discover the amazing life lessons within these key chapters, my prayer is that these bible verses would fill your heart to the brim. May you continue to thirst for the truth. May you grow and mature as you continue to attend Bible study and learn about the Lord Jesus Christ and His sacrifice at the cross.

Only then would you be excited and bold to wish Jesus to come soon as John the Beloved did in Revelation 22. You will not be like the majority of the population who are afraid of the second coming of Jesus. Even reading the book of Revelation is scary for them. With the Christians, it is different though. You know that the judgment of God is reserved for those who have failed to make Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. With the believers, joy, peace, strength, and victory await.

Make this decision today. Do not delay. Choose Jesus and His Sacrifice. Believe on Him today and you would be saved plus your whole household, just as He promised in Acts 16:31. Salvation is free and it’s available for you today! God bless you!

Understanding the Bible Has Never Been This Easy… Download Your Copy Today!


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