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Also Killed As: (Groans Words Cannot Express) Faith Infused Fiction (Fighting for the Heart of Spencer Book 3)


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It’s not easy to escape the past …when your present’s trying to kill you.

Kylie Dacosta hoped righting wrongs as a private investigator would help put the losses of her past behind her. While not usually game to wear an assassin’s bulls-eye in a twisted version of Princess and the Pauper, when Canada’s star ambassador, Olivia Tremblay, begs the rookie to trade places to protect critical water rights negotiations from terrorists,.Kylie seizes the chance to find personal redemption. Police, FBI and RCMP all work to keep Tremblay alive, but unbeknownest to them, Kylie’s playing the diplomat’s double, surrounded by forces good and evil, none of whom is privy to her secret role in this high-stakes game of political suicide.
Kylie’s true identity already enjoys a fragile but promising connection to Tremblay’s protector, soul-searching Constable Jackson Colter, RCMP and keeping secrets from the one person she can confide in as both herself and as ‘the ambassador’, is harder than dodging assassins’ bullets in designer heels (…and could prove far more costly as she teeters on the tight-wire of professional obligation and personal desire). Their relationship defines “complicated” and to make it worse, her Mountie has sworn duties of his own to honor.

Falling into the crosshairs is so much easier than falling in love…

Already smitten with the P.I., Jackson finds himself drawn to ‘Ambassador Tremblay’ as well, giving both “couples” reason to question his heart’s intent. More than just a pretty face, Colter realizes something about Kylie, or Tremblay, doesn’t add up. He pursues answers to the odd goings-on at the consulate and earns the wrong kind of attention from higher-ups, risking his career in the pursuit of the truth. When he finally tracks down the answers he’s hunted, Jackson must trust his training and his heart before deception leads to death ..for both of them.
Shots are fired and it’s a Russian Roulette version of “he said/she said” as Jackson and Kylie argue over who’s the true target here while their enemies gather around.

Prepare to stay up late with this faith-infused, clean & wholesome, Book Worth Reading Again, because it’s anyone’s guess if this duo can even STAY a twosome, much less sort truth from traitor …in time.

Genesis semi-finalist K.D. Harp writes characters of character in Books Worth Reading Again.

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