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200 TIPS TO THE BEGINNING PHOTOGRAPHER ON EVERY DAY (Second Edition): Practical recommendations on the art of photography


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(Second Edition)
Practical recommendations on the art of photography

This is an extended and improved edition of the book for photographers.
This book includes practical tips for photographers.

Today, a photographer – what is there to hide – every second becomes: these are the ladies on maternity leave, and taxi drivers, and many others. In the abundant information flow imposed by fashion vivid pictures, many young photographers with good creative potential are lost.
My book is a set of recommendations of both a technical and ethical nature, which also reveals a number of secrets that the author has little by little gathered together, based on his own experience or the experience of distinguished photographers. I hope to convey to the person who took the camera in hand, the idea that photography is a kind of art that deserves respect, understanding and knowledge.


Higher Art of Photography

Art is a rather elusive concept. This includes music, architecture, and much more that you can hear, feel or realize. Sometimes, art arises in the most unexpected places.

A turner at a machine tool or a programmer can do his job in such a way that one involuntarily thinks “yes, this person produces a result at art level”. But try to stand behind the machine, and the first thing you encounter is a lot of difficulties that need to be overcome on the way to the same art, because first comes a frank marriage, but only with experience it comes to perfection. And if so, then in any case there is a person who causes admiration for his skill…..


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