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$1 Survival Items: The Top Survival Items You Can Buy At The Dollar Store


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Surviving is imminent for life. The process of surviving is vital if you want to live the precious life that you have been given. We are all here on this earth and whether we have a purpose or not, each and every day, our purpose is to survive. In order to survive, we need many things life. From food to shelter, and water. Every day we wake up, we drink water, we eat breakfast (if we are following a healthy diet), and we go to work.

We often don’t feel like going to work, because let’s face it, what individual wouldn’t want to have nice shelter with food and water handed down to them? Of course, we all want that, but we all cannot have that.

This is why each day we wake up and get ready for work, then at the end of the week, or at the end of two weeks, in some cases, we collect our paychecks, pay for our shelters and then buy food and water. For some of us, we may be forced to spend our entire paycheck, but for others, saving is imperative. It all depends on your financial and family situation. If you save and always use your money wisely, you will be better off when it comes to survival.

If you are ever caught in a position where you need or want to learn about items you can survive with, that only cost a dollar, then you are in the right place. Well, now that we are trying to find things that cost a dollar in order to survive, let’s get started. But before we begin, just know that it is the year 2018, and inflation has incurred, all while job salaries remain stagnant. You can find items for under a dollar in this guide, we will show you the way to survive.


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